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Chiropractor Palatine Foundations Chiropractic & Well-neccessities

Jan 14

Chiropractor Palatine

Foundations Chiropractic & Wellness is your best choice if you're looking for a chiropractor near Palatine, Illinois. Foundations Chiropractic & Well-necessities offers a variety of services to help you live the best life possible. We offer everything you need, from chiropractic care to pain management and wellness education. Make an appointment today!

Palatine Family Pain Care Chiropractor

Chiropractic care in Palatine does not only treat pain and injuries. Natural treatments are also available in Palatine for many other conditions. Chiropractic care may be an option to surgery, pills, or injections. Our most sought-after services and techniques include:

* Chiropractic Care

* Spinal Decompression Therapy

* Massage Therapy

There is no other chiropractor in Palatine, Illinois that offers such a broad range of services. We can help with any of your aches or pains. Or we can help to make you feel better. If you are interested in learning more about our services, please contact us.


Chiropractic care can relieve you of pain. This will allow you to do the things you love and make you more active.


Are you having trouble managing your health and well-being. Do not wait to take charge of your life. Wellness education is offered in Palatine to empower you with the knowledge you need to lead a healthier life. We have experts who will help you through every step. You can also get a free consultation to learn more about our services and not be obligated.

The following are our wellness education programs:

* Evidence-based chiropractic techniques

* Infant and Child Wellness Care

* Weight Loss Management

* Medical Nutritional Therapy

We will educate you about healthy living and self-care methods before any treatment is complete. We are here to help you get on the path to wellness.

Your relationship with your chiropractor is the most important aspect of chiropractic care. We want to get know you and not just take x-rays or listen to your symptoms. Foundations Chiropractic & Wellness cares about more than your spine. We want to learn about you and your daily life!


What kinds of pain can chiropractors treat?


Foundations Chiropractic & Wellness can treat any kind of pain. These include, but are not limited to:

* Headaches

* Neck Pain

* Back Pain (including scoliosis)

Many people have benefited from our help with chronic pain and other health issues. Let us help you and develop a plan of actions!

If you need a chiropractor in Palatine Illinois, contact us today! All ages are welcome to use our services.

Can a chiropractor treat upper back pain?


Yes! It is important to close the joints in your neck and upper spine. This can help increase your range and decrease pain.

Pinched nerves can be treated by a chiropractor. So you don't have pain, our chiropractors can help.

Many people in Palatine, Illinois have relied on us to help them with chronic pain. We can also help you! For more information or to book an appointment with a chiropractor, contact us today.


Foundations Spine & Well-Necessities is a husband-wife team that is passionate about providing Holistic Healthcare to their patients. As they were once themselves, they are dedicated to helping others.

Their mission is simple: To improve the lives of one family at a given time in their community.


Get an appointment today

Foundations Chiropractic & Wellness is a great chiropractor in Palatine, Illinois. We offer a variety of services to assist people in their health and well-being. We will treat you like family whether you visit us for the first or your ongoing adjustments. We are your chiropractor if you want gentle adjustments that are tailored to you. If this sounds like something you need, give us a call at (847) 512-3963.

Things to Do in Palatine

The Cutting Hall Performing Arts Center, which showcases Palatine’s latent acting talent is closer to home. In addition, the town hosts a farmers' market and a variety of events and festivals during the summer. Gallery of George Clayson's House The Palatine Historic Society manages this historic house gallery, which is located on the south side.

A mansard roof is a characteristic feature of French architecture. Your home looks like it was built in the 19th century. It is filled with Victorian furniture donated by Palatine residents. Original fittings have been repaired, such as mantelpieces. There are many displays of antique clothing, kitchen equipment, toys, books, and much more.


There's a 16-screen Century Theatres theater located below for family outings or daytime entertainment. Deer Grove Woodland Preserve SB SHOTS/Shutterstock, Deer Grove Woodland Preserve In Palatine's 1860s days, when it was still a small community, the villagers used to go into the uncultivated territory to the north for firewood.


The 18-hole disc fairway is the main attraction here. It is well-kept, and a great introduction for beginners to the sport. The park is popular for sledding on its steep terrain. In the summer, there are plenty of picnic areas and shelters near the reservoir.


There were many suppliers that offered seasonal and also fresh fruits and vegetables, honey and freshwater fish, cheeses, spices, fresh garlic products, fresh eggs, bread, artisan confectionary and baked goods at the time this article was written. You can usually find food below, such as vegan and vegetarian specialties and barbequed cheeses, soups, and even tamales.


Foundations Chiropractic & Well-neccessities

2070 N Rand Rd Ste A

Palatine, IL 60074