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Chiropractic Care For The Elderly

May 3

Chiropractors in Houston, TX can really change our lives. It is common knowledge that we will sustain minor or major injuries throughout our lives. Nature, on the other hand, being as powerful as it is, heals us. The ability to heal quickly is one of the body's most amazing natural abilities.

We rarely, however, heal completely. As we age, this ability to heal quickly starts to decline. This is because the cells in our body become less efficient at repairing themselves. When this happens, we are more likely to experience aches and pains, stiffness, and even degenerative conditions such as arthritis.

As a result, other problems accumulate and linger decade after decade. As we get older, we become more disabled or have less ability. Chiropractic is well-known around the world as a profession that aids in the restoration of function, the prevention of disability, and the elimination of much of the pain that threatens to ruin our days, months, and lives.

People have learned to appreciate and respect the unique role chiropractors play in our families and in the lives of those we care about who are aging because it allows them to live more meaningful, active lives while reducing their overall medication use. It's a wonderful thing!

Elderly people are prone to a variety of ailments

Chiropractic care can help elderly people manage their pain and improve their quality of life. A chiropractor can help reduce the pain of arthritis by using manipulative techniques to release pressure on the joints.

The following are some of the most common conditions that the elderly face, but which can be treated effectively and with fewer medications:

Osteoarthritis: This is the most common form of arthritis, and it is caused by the deterioration of the cartilage that cushions the joints.

Rheumatoid arthritis: This form of arthritis is an autoimmune disease that attacks the lining of the joints, causing inflammation, pain, and stiffness.

Bursitis: This condition is caused by the inflammation of the bursa, which is a small sac of fluid that cushions the joints.

Tendonitis: This condition is caused by the inflammation of the tendons, which are the tissues that connect muscle to bone.

Headaches and migraines: These can be caused by a variety of factors, including muscle tension, neck injuries, and eyestrain.

Sciatica: This is a condition in which the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back to the legs, is pinched or compressed.

Slipped discs: This occurs when one of the discs that cushion the vertebrae in the spine slips out of place and puts pressure on the nerves.

Spinal stenosis: This is a narrowing of the spinal canal, which can put pressure on the spinal cord and nerves.

What are the benefits of chiropractic for the elderly?

By manipulating or adjusting the bones of the spine, the normal or near-normal function of these joints can be restored.

Misalignments in the spine also affect nerves, resulting in pain and internal organ dysfunction. Making minor but necessary adjustments can help alleviate these problems or even restore proper function.

For the elderly, this means a better quality of life with less pain and fewer medications.

It is not just the bones that benefit from chiropractic adjustments. The nervous system also responds well to this type of natural care.

Even though much of what we suffer as we age may never be restored, that doesn't mean we have to live with increasing impairment and disability all of the time. Chiropractic has the potential to fulfill this promise.

The following are some of the most common benefits of chiropractic care for the elderly:

  • Reduced pain
  • Improved range of motion
  • Improved balance and coordination
  • Improved circulation
  • Stimulation of the immune system
  • Reduced dependence on medications


The bottom line is that chiropractic care can help relieve pain and improve mobility in older adults. If you or someone you know is struggling with age-related issues, consider seeking out a chiropractor for help.

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