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The Cost of A Dome House

Sep 5

A Monolithic Dome usually costs the same as a conventional, custom-built home with an equal interior finish. Your dome home will cost you $100,000 if you are planning to buy a $100,000 house.

But, long-term and daily costs for a Monolithic Dome are always lower. The true cost of owning your dome home is significantly lower. See more articles.

When a home gets built, there are two parties: the contractor as well as the owner. The primary goal of the contractor when building a home is to make money. He/she would not be able to stay in business if it was not so. The primary goal of a homeowner is to create the most beautiful home possible for as little money as possible.

Both these goals, profit or value, are incompatible. A contractor's profit goal is often higher than the actual gain. The expectations of the owner are often higher than their ability to purchase a home.

To get the best value for their money, homeowners will push builders to build the largest possible space and the highest quality. Contractors must meet the minimum requirements of the home because they are under pressure to build large. There is not enough insulation, siding or wallboard, or plumbing, to meet the requirements of the owners.

This will reduce the initial cost of your home to the lowest possible price for the space you have created.

The initial cost is just a small part of the overall cost of the home. There will be maintenance costs, insurance payments, property taxes, and utility bills over the lifetime of the home. All of these costs add up to make a house cost significantly more than its original price.

Each owner and builder will attempt to increase the cost of their home in the future, but this is not always the best thing. Although the initial cost is less, the ongoing costs will be higher. If you use the least amount of insulation, your monthly energy bills will be higher.

Homeowners who don't take into consideration the cost of their home over time will pay a lot more.

Monolithic domes are constructed to the highest standards. All homes in the US are Type V fire-rated. They are made entirely from combustible materials. It's as easy as one match. Dome is fire-rated Type II or higher. It doesn't even burn. Although the contents may be dangerous, overall fire safety is excellent. This will allow homeowners to save money over the long term by lowering their insurance premiums.

The dome is extremely efficient in terms of energy efficiency by using three inches of polyurethane foam to cover the concrete. Monolithic domes require half the energy to heat or cool. One homeowner converted his 1400-square-foot home to a Monolithic Dome homes measuring 2700 square feet. His energy bill was the same, even though the dome was twice the size.

Monolithic Domes are immune to termites or other creatures. It will not rot. It will not be blown away or destroyed. Mold is not a problem. These are just a few of the Monolithic Dome’s many advantages.

Dome costs are significantly lower than a traditional home. See more here.

Long-Term Cost vs. Initial Cost

What about the initial cost of building a square home? A square home built with the same materials used in a Monolithic Dome will cost significantly more. The dome is affordable because of its efficient design, easy construction, and low waste. I meant affordable, not expensive. These structures are of superior quality and were built at standard prices.

A monolithic Dome is a Monolithic Dome that can be divided into the cost of a house and its years of useful life.